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Over the last ten years, the Myanmar food sector has transformed. The range of food prepared and the way it is consumed in Myanmar has changed. Supermarkets and restaurants have rapidly risen up, giving more options for consumers instead of the traditional tea-shops and market stalls. More international food brands are coming into the market, and there is a rise in the number of local food producers, giving consumers greater choice. The industry is poised for growth and there are huge opportunities for local food producers and multi-national food companies.

The Myanmar Food Industry Directory has charted the changes to the food industry. The directory provides you with extensive information on food producers and manufacturers, as well storage services and food outlets. This website is the most comprehensive listing and guide in Myanmar, and is the resource for those who wish to do business in this market or who are simply looking to know where to buy their ingredients and food products.

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For the publication of this directory we are pleased to cooperate with the Myanmar Food Processors and Exporters Association.