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Smile Happy Co.,Ltd has produced quality Myanmar honey since 2007.Beekeeping is a fascinating hobby and proves to be a challenging business as well. There are many aspects to beekeeping, ranging from raising the bees and producing honey using the products from the hive for cooking and for your health.We have helped the beekeeper for many generations and it is our goal to continue providing helpful beekeeping know-how, equipment and medicine to all beekeepers, from small to large. We have 180 members of beekeepers who owned 55,000 beehives up to June 2014.Myanmar produced more than 3000 metric tons of honey at fiscal year 2013-2014 and we had produced 50% of total production that means we are top leading exporter of Myanmar Honey. We never purchase & sell other origin honey as we have never been convinced of the authenticity of other origins.

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